Best Brush Cleaners

Keeping your brushes clean is an essential part of anyone's, especially a professional's, makeup routine. I've used a variety of cleansers and tools from name brand to store brand and I'm giving my humble opinion on the who's who of brush cleaners. So which are the best brush cleaners out there? 

     Liquid Cleansers are not my favorite because I feel you waste the product. And when washing sponges, It's hard to get all of the makeup stains out. The ones I've used are Beauty Blender's liquid Blendercleanser and Dr. Bronner's liquid castile soap. Both give me similar results, regardless of the brand or essential oil. I rub the brush or sponge in the palm of my hand or on my cleaning mat but I am consistently adding more soap. Again, I think liquid soaps are a waste of product...and money.

     Solid Cleansers are my favorite for a few reasons. No wasted product, it's easier to get makeup stains out, and they make your brushes & sponges smell good (if you use a scented soap). I like to use London Brush Company's Goat Milk Solid Brush Shampoo in the lavender scent. It smells SO good and makes my brushes so soft & so clean, clean! When I'm in a jam and need something right away, I'll grab some bar soap. I usually have some Trader Joe's tea tree oil bar soap on hand b/c it's incredibly cheap ($1.99 for two bars in stores) and has antibacterial properties. Dr. Bronners also has a bar soap that offers a variety of scents and benefits due to the essential oils used in their soaps. I could go on about the benefits of solid over liquid cleansers but I will spare you.

      Cleansing Mats are a wonderful little invention in the makeup world. And if you're so lucky to have one, they make the tedious task of cleaning brushes that much easier. Sigma's Spa Brush Cleaning Mat is like a dream come true! It has suction cups on the bottom so it doesn't slide around in your sink while you're scrubbing as well as a variety of textures to (gently) clean your sponges and brushes on. For sponges, use the smaller round texture and be careful not to rub too hard or your sponge will begin to shred. If you can't afford Sigma's spa mat, check out amazon or use rubber gloves like your mama does when she washes the dishes. Yes, that kind. Got to the dollar store and get yo'self a pair of fancy kitchen gloves, rub your brush on your bar soap, now rub the brush in the *textured* palm of your gloved hand. Eureka! You have a DIY brush cleaning mat for two dollars. You're welcome. 

      Brush Drying Towers are an added bonus and an eventual must-have for pros. They cut drying time down by hanging your brushes, take up less counter space, and look cool. You can get a variety of brush drying towers on amazon or check out Sigma's awesome Dry n' Shape Tower. I really like the Sigma tower because you can pop your brushes into the slots and walk away. It can hold up to 92 brushes & also spins, so it makes adding brushes a snap! 

Do you have a suggestion I may have left off? Leave a comment below or contact me through my info page, I'd love to hear your feedback!