Best Makeup Applicators

There's are tons of makeup sponges, applicators, brushes, and the like out in the fascinating beauty world that we live in. Let me help you choose the right one. These are used by the pros and considered to be the best...

Latex Wedge Sponges   These puppies are an oldie but a goodie, depending on where you get them. There are many different manufacturers these days which results in some latex wedge sponges to be softer than others. I prefer to get my sponges from Nigel Beauty Emporium because they are firm and reliable. These sponges are also disposable so it helps with clean up and sanitation. 

Beauty Blender   This has been the holy grail of sponges since it hit the market. It's firm, bouncy, and versatile shape has gained the love of everyone from moms to makeup artists. Beauty Blender was created by a pro makeup artist so this is obviously a staple in every professional's kit. They can be used for beauty and spfx makeup as well as reused, which helps considering the cost for one is over $20. But trust me, it's worth it! 

Foundation Brush   This type of brush is made specifically for applying cream and liquid foundations. There are a couple styles to choose from: a flat, flexible brush that allows you to sweep on the makeup, or a dense, domed brush that allows you to buff on your makeup. I prefer the latter because buffing in the foundation will leave a nice airbrush finish. There are plenty of buffer brushes out there, like this one from Sephora's Pro Collection. 

Airbrush   Airbrushing is not my favorite for a number of reasons. It's clunky & heavy to carry around, you HAVE to clean it very shortly after use or else the gun will clog, you have to use a liquid foundation, not all clients enjoy it, etc. Although there is one airbrush I think is good in the right situation and that is the Temptu Airbrush Signature Starter Kit. This set would be good to use in a stable situation where you're setting up and staying put like a commercial, photo shoot, or bridal party. The airpods are easy to change and the compressor is lightweight and compact. Just make sure you have electricity!

Do you have a suggestion I may have left off? Leave a comment below or contact me through my info page, I'd love to hear your feedback! 

Micah Laine